When Scuds Die

  • By: Chad Mason

Death becomes this tiny crustacean-but there's a secret to getting the color right

The Good Guys

  • By: Paul Guernsey

When I first read Nick Lyons' profile of Craig Mathews, our 2005 Angler of the Year, I almost laughed out loud at the part where Nick praised Craig for his refreshing modesty in a field "known for bloating egos to the size of the Titanic." Among all the fly-fishing "personalities" I've become acquainted

Fly-Fishing Legends

  • By: Paul Guernsey
  • and Buzz Bryson

Where's Ernie? And, is the bow-and-arrow cast for real?

Jim Kelso

  • By: Robert W. Streeter

A Class Act on the Salmon River

Easy Stonefly Nymph

  • By: A. K. Best

Effective, simple... and no fussing with the details