January 1982

January 1982

The Spirit Of Pittsford Mills

Topics: "Fly Tying, History" Fish: Trout Location(s): VT Flypattern(s): Spirit Of Pittsford Mills

  • By: Tom Rosenbauer

The Mountain-Ash Cocktail

Topics: Anecdotes Fish: Trout

  • By: Dwight A. Webster

All About Fly-Fishing For Moose

Topics: Anecdotes

  • By: John Merwin

Some Praise For Pike

Topics: Anecdotes Fish: Pike

  • By: Lee Wulff

The Saltwater Quick Cast

Topics: Casting Water(s): Salt

  • By: Joan Salvatto Wulff

Before The Salt

Topics: History Water(s): Salt

  • By: Paul Schullery

Fly Reels

Topics: Reels

  • By: Silvio Calabi

Synthetic Wings

Topics: Fly Tying

  • By: John Betts

The Horrible Hellgrammite

Topics: "Fly Tying, Entomology" Insect(s): "Hellgrammites, Dobsonflies, Larvae, Corydalus" Flypattern(s): Horrible Hellgrammite

  • By: Brad Niemeyer

Labrador's Lucky

Topics: "Labrador, Brook trout " Fish: Brook trout Location(s): Labrador Water(s): Minipi R

  • By: Silvio Calabi

"Shows, Shows, Shows"

Topics: Tackle shows and fly reels

  • By: John Merwin

The Buggiest Book

Topics: AquaticEntomology (W. Patrick McCafferty)

  • By: John Merwin

On the Bighorn

Topics: "Bighorn River, George Anderson"

  • By: George Anderson