September 1983

September 1983

A Flexible Hook-Keeper

Topics: Rods

  • By: G. Dick Finlay

How Trout Feed

Topics: "Techn/Tact, Ichthyology" Fish: Trout

  • By: Dave Whitlock

Don't Fence Me In

Topics: Anecdotes Fish: Steelhead Location(s): OR State Sector: WC Water(s): Alsea R

  • By: Gene A. Trump


Topics: Anecdotes Fish: Trout Location(s): MT State Sector: SW Water(s): Madison R Insect(s): "Stoneflies, Salmonflies"

  • By: Dennis Bitton

Below The Falls

Topics: Anecdotes Fish: Trout

  • By: John Merwin

"Play Swiftly, Play Well"

Topics: Techn/Tact Fish: Trout

  • By: Lee Wulff

Leaders Aren't Luck

Topics: Lines etc

  • By: John B. Reubens

Coiling Line On The Retrieve

Topics: "Casting, Lines, control etc"

  • By: Joan Salvatto Wulff

Colorado Broadens Wild-Trout Management

Topics: Res Mgt Fish: Trout Location(s): CO

  • By: Scott Roederer

Pumping Graphite

Topics: "Casting, health"

  • By: Glenn Law

Footwear Accessories

Topics: Footwear

A Small Package Of Good Things

Topics: Literature

  • By: John Merwin

On Keeping Dry

Topics: Accessories

  • By: Silvio Calabi

Make Mine Maine

Topics: Places Fish: "Trout, Salmon" Location(s): ME State Sector: "WC, C, SW, SE" Water(s): "Pleasant R, Moosehead L, Kennebago R, Grace Pond, Iron Pond, Nesowadnehunk L, Sebago L, Rangeley L, West Grand L, Crooked R, Penobscot R, Roach R, Rapid R, Grand Lake Stream, Union R, Little Androscoggin R"

  • By: Al Raychard

An Island For Christmas

Topics: Places Fish: Bonefish Location(s): SP State Sector: CI Water(s): Salt

The New Guard

Topics: "Merwin, John, first editorial"

  • By: Silvio Calabi

Imported flies

Topics: Imported vs. Domestic flies