May 1986

May 1986

Fishing Glasses

Topics: "Accessories, sunglasses"

  • By: Tom Rosenbauer

The Fishing Car

Topics: "Anecdotes, cars, " Fish: Trout

  • By: Kenneth Melaragni

The Golden Valley Of The Bow

Topics: Fishing destinations Fish: Trout Location(s): AL State Sector: SW Water(s): Bow R Insect(s): "Caddisflies, Baetis, Tricorythodes, Leeches, Grasshoppers"

  • By: Harry Campbell

Bushwacking For Trout

Topics: "Techn/Tact, small stream fishing" Fish: Trout Location(s): MA State Sector: CC

  • By: Rip Cunningham

The Double-Haul: Part 1

Topics: "Casting, Double-haul"

  • By: Joan Salvatto Wulff

"Hoppers!, Part One"

Topics: "Techn/Tact, Grasshoppers" Fish: Trout Insect(s): Grasshoppers

  • By: Gary LaFontaine

Fly Fisher's Lexicon

Topics: Fishing language

  • By: Darrel Martin

Dan Bailey And The Great Depression

Topics: "Personalit, History, Dan Bailey" Fish: Trout

  • By: Lee Wulff

Three for the bedside

Topics: The Grasshopper trap (Patrick McManus); Anglish spoken here (Don Zahner); Hunting and Fishing from A to Zern (Ed Zern)

  • By: Verlyn Klinkenborg

The Lively Fly Body

Topics: Fly Tying Insect(s): Dragonflies Flypattern(s): Green Darner

  • By: John Betts