January 1988

January 1988

A Saltwater Fly Fisherman's Primer

Topics: "Techn/Tact, Rods, Reels, Lines etc, Hooks, Fly Tying, Saltwater" Water(s): Salt

  • By: A. J. Hand

A Passion For Permit

Topics: "Techn/Tact, Fishing Destinations" Fish: Permit Location(s): BZ Water(s): Salt Insect(s): Crabs Flypattern(s): "Olch Planer Crab, Sof Permit"

  • By: Jon Olch

The Captain's Collection

Topics: "History, Personalit, Literature, Kerrige Collection"

  • By: Geoffrey Dolbear

Fishing Gloves

Topics: "Accessories, fishing gloves"

  • By: Ted Leeson

See You In San Mateo

Topics: "fly-fishing show, "

  • By: Brant Oswald

Catch-And-Release Taxidermy

Topics: Taxidermy Fish: Trout

The Water Sock

Topics: "Techn/Tact, Ichthyology" Fish: Trout

  • By: Lee Wulff

Pluck 'Em And Eat 'Em

Topics: Anecdotes

  • By: Jim Hall

Changing Direction Without False-Casting

Topics: "Casting, Changing directions"

  • By: Joan Salvatto Wulff


Topics: "Fishing destinations, Anecdotes, History" Fish: Trout Location(s): BH

The Martha's Vineyard Derby

Topics: "Fishing destinations, Anecdotes" Fish: "Bluefish, Stripers, Bonito" Location(s): MA State Sector: Martha's Vineyard Water(s): Salt

  • By: Herb Van Dyke

"My Friend, My Friend"

Topics: "Anecdotes, Personalit, Frenchman's Pond" Fish: Trout Location(s): MI State Sector: UP Water(s): Frenchmans Pond

  • By: Robert Traver

Stripers Northwest

Topics: "Fishing Destinations, Techn/Tact" Fish: Striped Bass Location(s): OR State Sector: SW Water(s): Umpqua R

  • By: Mark Hoy