May 1989

May 1989

In The Monongahela

Topics: "Travel, Fishing destinations, Organiza, Entomology" Fish: "Trout, Bass" Location(s): West Virginia State Sector: SE Water(s): "Cheat R, Shavers Fk, Gandy Cr, Glady Fk, Laurel Fk, Elk R, Williams R, Seneca R, Sandy Cr, Blackwater R, Potomac R, Greenbrier R, Dry Fk"

  • By: Mike Sajna

Pennsylvania - The True Cradle Of American Fly Fishing?

Topics: "History, Samuel Phillipe, " Fish: Trout Location(s): PA

  • By: Ed Howey

Pemigewasset Weekend

Topics: Photo/Art Fish: NH Water(s): Pemigewasset R

  • By: Tim Leary
  • and Jill Leary

Fishing The Havasu

Topics: "Fishing Destinations, Travel, Anecdotes" Fish: Trout Location(s): Arizona State Sector: NW Water(s): Havasu R

  • By: D. L. Donaldson

Report From Tasmania

Topics: "Organiza, Fly-fishing championship" Fish: Trout Location(s): Tasmania Water(s): "Bronte Lagoon, Little Pine Lagoon, Big Jim L, Samuel L"

  • By: Charles Gaines

New Chalkstreams Of The West

Topics: "Techn/Tact, chalkstreams, " Fish: Trout Dealer/Manufacturer(s): "Colorado Quality Hackles, Dave Inks outfitters, E.F. Roberts Custom Rodmakers, Donegal, Ink., Nick Lyons Books, Catchum Fly&Supply Co., Orvis, Jim Bowes"

  • By: E. Neale Streeks

The Widowmaker

Topics: Fly Tying Fish: "Trout, Bass" Flypattern(s): Widowmaker

  • By: Bob Johns

Taking A Look AT Tippet Dispensers

Topics: "Lines etc, Accessories, tippet dispensers"

  • By: Ted Leeson

Rules Of The Water

Topics: "guides and customers, rules, tips, hints"

  • By: Bob Krumm

Finding The Big Bass

Topics: Places Fish: Largemouth Bass Location(s): "Massachusetts, California, Vermont, New York, Minnesota" State Sector: "CC, NW, NW, NE, EC" Water(s): "Wequaquet L, Indian Valley Rs, Lake Champlain, Clearwater L" Dealer/Manufacturer(s): "RBS industries, Banda Enterprises, Umpqua Feather Merchants,

  • By: Tom Andersen
  • , Michael Fong
  • , Cliff Hauptman
  • and Jerry Gibbs

Body Stances: Square To The Target For Vertical Plane Casting

Topics: "Casting, Body Stance"

  • By: Joan Salvatto Wulff

Seasons Of The Streamer

Topics: "Techn/Tact, streamer fishing" Fish: "Salmon, Trout" Flypattern(s): Streamer Dealer/Manufacturer(s): "Saracione Manufacturing, Bill Oder, Pharmacist formula, A.E. Partridge, Orvis, PolaFocus, Scientific Anglers/3M, House of Hardy, Katchkey"

  • By: Eric Seidler

Damn The Dam Builders! Or Should We?

Topics: "Res Mgt, Dam construction"

  • By: Lee Wulff

Opening Day

Topics: "opening day, " Fish: Trout

  • By: Silvio Calabi

Incidentally On Purpose

Topics: "Res Mgt, Salmon and Steelhead piracy on the North Pacific, smuggled Salmon" Fish: "Salmon, Steelhead"

  • By: Ted Williams

On Naming Names

Topics: "Literature, the damaging effect of naming rivers" Dealer/Manufacturer(s): "Gary Nesse's OUtdoor World, Abgler's Covey, Orvis, Terminal Tactics, Scientific Anglers/3M, Sage Rod Company"

  • By: Ric Smith