July 1990

July 1990

Wind From Your Back: Reversing

Topics: Reversing direction with the wind at your back Dealer/Manufacturer(s): "Krieger, Hooks Outdoor, Tide Watch"

  • By: Joan Salvatto Wulff

In the Turtlegrass

Topics: "fishing for Bonefish, techniques and tactics, Tech/tact" Fish: Bonefish

  • By: Jack Samson


Topics: Cane Rods

Leader Selection

Topics: Leaders and leader selection

  • By: Joe Humphreys

"Hail, the Mighty Monarchs"

Topics: "Fiction, Creative Writing" Fish: Landlocked Salmon

  • By: David Seybold

Nobody Has To Know

Topics: "Creative Writing, Fiction, Adventures with a shark"

  • By: T. Felton Harrison

The Never-Ending Story

Topics: "The Nature of Learning,"

  • By: Lee Wulff

The Duel

Topics: "Creative Writing, fiction, "

  • By: Paul Andrew Smith

Mike Does Manzanita

Topics: "The Trout Fisherman, Featuring Mike Fong; Jack Dennis' Learning to Fly Fish For Trout"

  • By: Don Dunkel

Catch & Release

Topics: "Creative writing, fiction, humor" Fish: Largemouth Bass

  • By: Cliff Hauptman

Counting Stripers Before They Hatch

Topics: "Striped Bass population and a return to the glory years, conservation" Fish: Striped Bass Dealer/Manufacturer(s): "Jacklin's Outfitters for the world of fyl-fishing, Scientific Anglers/3M"

  • By: Ted Williams

Twenty-six Ways to Lose A Fish

Topics: Dry Fly Fishing In Theory and Practice: Centenary Edition (F.M. Halford); Freshwater Fishing (Fred Buller and Hugh Falkus); The Fly Fisher's Reader (Leonard Wright); Trout The Size of Footballs (Richard Anderson)

  • By: Verlyn Klinkenborg