April 1991

April 1991

Stream temperature & Chemistry

Topics: The effect of water temperature on Trout Fish: Trout

  • By: Joe Humphreys

The State of Our States

Topics: Environmental conditon of states Location(s): "Alaska, AK, California, CA, Florida, Fl, Maine, ME, Michigan, MI, Montana, MT, Pennsylvania, PA"

  • By: Mike Sajna

The Value Of Wild Steelhead

Topics: "Government agencies and the steelhead, Conservation" Fish: Steelhead

  • By: Richard Nawa

Trout Stream Insects

Topics: "entomology, proper fly selection"

  • By: Dick Pobst

Fly-fishing in the Surf

Topics: "Fly rodding in the surf, Stripping baskets, proper seklection of equipment"

  • By: Jack Samson

Recycling Paper

Topics: Paper recycling

  • By: Chase Reynolds

Night of the Salmon

Topics: "Fiction, Creative writing, anecdotes"

  • By: Russell Chatham

The Dirty Dozens

Topics: Environmental abuse by legislators

  • By: Ted Williams

Alaska Dry

Topics: "Chris Goll, dry fly fishing in Alaska" Fish: Trout Location(s): Alaska Peninsula

  • By: Errol McGuire

Dame Fortune & the Angler

Topics: Whether it's better to be lucky or smart

  • By: Lee Wulff

And What's the Industry Doing?

Topics: Fly-fishing industry's involvement in the environment

  • By: Lorie Hopkins

Yellowstone Magic

Topics: Art

  • By: Adriano Manocchia

My Staff

Topics: Wading staffs

  • By: James McNeish

A Living Ethic

Topics: Fishing ethic

  • By: John Turner

The Environmetal Groups

Topics: Environmental groups

  • By: Robert F. Jones

What a Drag!

Topics: Fly Reels and drag systems

  • By: Bill Hunter

Forearm Position at the end of the Backcast

Topics: "casting, proper forearm position"

  • By: Joan Salvatto Wulff

More Enviro-Stuff?

Topics: Environmentalists versus sportsmen

  • By: Silvio Calabi

The Fly Fisherman's Soul

Topics: Basic Fly Tying ( Ed Koch and Norm Shires); The Dry Fly: New Angles (Gary LaFontaine); A Fly Fisherman's Blue Ridge (Christopher Camuto); Trout&Salmon Of The World (Silvio Calabi)

  • By: Verlyn Klinkenborg

The Cul de Canard Feather

Topics: "The Cul de Canard Feather, CDC feathers"

  • By: Darrel Martin