March 1993

March 1993


Topics: Waders

  • By: Brad Jackson

Of Tricos & Trout

Topics: "Techniques, Tactics," Fish: Trout Insect(s): Tricos

  • By: E. Neale Streeks

'Soon To Be Released'

Topics: "Sculpture, Lee Wulff"

  • By: Bob Wolf

The Change-Your-Fly Pickup

Topics: "Changing in flies, casting"

  • By: Joan Salvatto Wulff

Tarpon Like Holsteins

Topics: Tarpon fishing in Africa Fish: Tarpon Location(s): "Africa, Sierra Leone" Water(s): Salt

  • By: Brad Jackson

Tuna On A Fly

Topics: Tuna On A fly Fish: Tuna

  • By: Jack Samson

Sour Daydreams and Slippery Rocks

Water(s): Rapidan River

  • By: Harry Middleton

Fly-Tying Materials From The Nether Regions

Topics: Fly-tying materials

  • By: Fred Oswalt

Megan Boyd

Topics: "Megan Boyd, Salmon Flies" Flypattern(s): Salmon Flies Dealer/Manufacturer(s): "Stream Line, Trek, Orvis, Simms, LaCrosse, Springbrook, Hodgman, James-Scott, Red Ball, OS Systems, Seal Dri, Gralite"

  • By: Tena Robinson

Renewed Enthusiasm

Topics: Anecdotes Fish: Trout

  • By: Dave Hughes

The Saracione- Von Hofe

Topics: "Joe Saracione, fly reels, "

  • By: Trey Combs

The 6-3 Tippet Knot

Topics: "connection between Class tippet and bite tippet, 6-3 Knot" Dealer/Manufacturer(s): Joe Saracione

  • By: Bill Hunter

Fishin' Hats

Topics: Fishing hats Dealer/Manufacturer(s): "Aaron, Abel, Adams, Electreel, Catskill Research Institute, FreeSpool, Dallari, Godfrey Custom , W.W. Grigg, Hardy, Heron, Islander, McNeese, Mt. Rainier, Orvis CFO, Peerless, Ross, Ryall, Valetine"

Of Guides & Anglers

Topics: Guides and guiding

Letter to a Would-Be Environmentalist

Topics: Letter to Bill Clinton

  • By: Ted Williams

"Publishers, Friends & Books"

Topics: A River Runs Through It: Bringing a Classic to the Screen (Richard Friedenberg); Waist Deep In Montana's Lakes (John Holt); The Tall Uncut (Pete Fromm); At The Grave of te Unknown Riverdriver (Paul Corrigan); Prowling Papa's Waters: A Hemingway Odyssey (H. Lea Lawrence); FlyFishing Essentials:

  • By: Stephen Bodio

The Messingers: A Flare For Hair

Topics: "fly-Tying, Deer Hair" Flypattern(s): Frog Patterns

  • By: Darrel Martin

Tying the Bomber

Topics: "Tying the Bomber, Fly-tying" Flypattern(s): Bomber

  • By: Bill Hunter

Atlantic Salmon

Topics: Anecdotes Fish: Atlantic Salmon

  • By: John Gierach