April 1995

April 1995

Miramachi Journal

Topics: "Atlantic salmon, Miramichi River, Pond's Resort, McKiel Brook, " Location(s): "New Brunswick, Canada" Water(s): "Miramichi River, " Flypattern(s): Bomber

  • By: James Butler

Anatomy Lesson

Topics: "physiology, biology, fish anatomy, steelhead trout, Pacific salmon, cleaning fish " Fish: "steelhead, Pacific salmon " Location(s): Pacific Northwest

  • By: Robert C. Arnold

New Flies for Billfish

Topics: "Doc Robinson, billfish, billfish flies, Harry Kime, Baja, Billy Pate, Lee Wulff, Jim and Kelly Watt, Cam Sigler, Don Brown, Winston Moore, " Fish: "billfish, marlin, " Location(s): "Baja, " Water(s): Salt Flypattern(s): "Tutie-Frutie, Cabo Green Mackerel, poppers, tube flies, "

  • By: Jack Samson

Late-Season Survival

Topics: "salmon survival, water temperature, catch-and-release, spawning, mortality, reproduction" Fish: Atlantic Salmon Location(s): New Brunswick Water(s): Miramichi River

  • By: Bruce Tufts
  • and Alex T. Bielak

Tiny Flies

Topics: "small flies, midges, Zen, Dale Darling, " Location(s): Colorado Water(s): South Platte River Insect(s): "midges, small flies, Blue-Wing Olives, Dark Blue Quills, Western Olives. Pseudocloeons " Flypattern(s): "Griffith's Gnat, Ed Shenk's No-Name Midge, Blue-Wing Olives, Western Olives, Dark

  • By: Ed Engle

How's Your Grip?

Topics: "casting, presentation, grip, turnover, thumb, casts"

  • By: Joan Salvatto Wulff

Elements of Presentation

Topics: "reach cast, wiggle cast, upstream cast, cross-stream cast, position, presentation, lining fish, Fly Fishing Strategy, Carl Richards, The Essence of Flycasting, S-turns, casts"

  • By: Dave Hughes

Whirling Disease Hits Montana

Topics: "Whiling disease, Montana, Madison River, rainbow trout, " Fish: "rainbow trout, brown trout, " Location(s): "Montana, Rocky Mountains, Yellowstone " State Sector: "Southwest, SW " Water(s): Madison River

  • By: Paul Guernsey

Roll Your Own

Topics: "rodmaking, Cabela's Deluxe Wooden Rod Wrappers, wrapping stands, Flex Coat Traveler, rod building, " Season: Fall

  • By: Ted Leeson

Catch and Release Limits

Topics: "catch-and-release, releasing fish, numbers fishermen, hooking mortality, redds, " Location(s): "Montana, Idaho " Water(s): "Bighorn River, Henry's Fork "

  • By: Bob Krumm

Congress's Dirty Dozens

Topics: "Congress, Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus, Big Three Magazines, Outdoor Life, Sports Afield, Field&Stream, outdoor magazines, Vin Sparano, Don Young, David Rockland, Times Mirror Conservation Council, Mike Hayden, Endangered Species Act, "

  • By: Ted Williams

Killing Your Share

Topics: "catch-and-release, fish harvesting, no-kill, additive mortality, compensatory mortality, " Fish: "Brown trout, rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, killing fish " Location(s): "Montana, California " Water(s): "Bighorn River, Yellow River "

  • By: Zed Newland

Welcome to Big Beaver Valley

Topics: "Ross Lake Resort, Cascade Mountains, Jack Kerouac, Skagit Valley" Fish: "Rainbow trout, cutthroat trout " Location(s): Washington Water(s): "Skagit River, "

  • By: Robert Lyon

A Sparse Bag

Topics: "Little Rivers (Margot Page), Essential Fly Fishing (Tom Meade), Slack Line Strategies for Fly Fishing (John Judy), Joan Wulff's Fly Casting Techniques (Joan Wulff) "

  • By: Stephen Bodio

Of Needful Things

Topics: "Daiichi hooks, Clouser Minnow Arm, Cortland Hot Tip, Doug Brewer's Hot Glue Gun, Dyna-King vises, Rite Bobbin, Sponj-Skin, Waldron Dubbing Rake "

  • By: Darrel Martin

Fishing Small

Topics: "small flies, winter fishing, cold weather, Blue-Wing Olives, midges, Darrel Martin, Micropatterns, difficult trout " Location(s): Colorado Insect(s): "Blue-Wing Olives, midges, Pseudocloeons, Paraleptophebias, Baetis " Flypattern(s): "parachutes, Blue-Wing Olives "

  • By: John Gierach