January 1996

January 1996

The 1996 Fly Rod & Reel Awards

Topics: Kudo Awards explanation and congratulations to the winners

Making it Happen: The Perfect Forward Casting Loop

Topics: The mechanics of the perfect forward cast loop

  • By: Joan Salvatto Wulff

Strip Rip Cretin

Topics: "fishing Andros Island, Bahamas for bonefish" Fish: Bonefish Location(s): "Andros Island, Bahamas"

  • By: Ted Williams

Thomas & Thomas Horizon Saltwater Trav'ler Rods

Topics: Thomas&Thomas Horizon Saltwater Trav'ler Rods

"Bolshoi Bill, the Many Sashas and the KGB"

Topics: The Kola Salmon Wars Fish: Russian Atlantic Salmon Location(s): Russia

  • By: Ehor Boyanowsky

The Permit Specialist

Topics: "Gordie Hill, the permit specialist" Fish: Permit Location(s): Florida Water(s): Salt Flypattern(s): Pop Hill Special bonefish fly

  • By: Jack Samson

Buck's Bags

Topics: Buck's Bags

The Gurgle of Great Expectations

Topics: "a secret pnd, a special dog and a fleeting moment of perfection" Fish: Brook trout Location(s): Northern Michigan Dealer/Manufacturer(s): "Buck's Bags, Ex Officio, Teeny Nymph, Thomas&Thomas, "

  • By: Jim Enger

Umpqua Feather Merchants Flies

Topics: Umpqua Feather Merchants Flies

A Hairy Problem

Topics: Bass bugs and how to tie them; deerhair bugs Dealer/Manufacturer(s):

  • By: Tim England

Packing It In

Topics: "luggage for the intinerant angler-- Tacklebags: Abel Hold's Everything Tackle Bag, Buck's Bags Waterproof Bottom Gear Bag, D.B. Dun Travel Bag, G. Loomis Gear Bag, L.L. Bean Tackle Bag, Orvis Fisherman's Kit Bag, Sage Guide Line Kit, Sculatti TacklePack, Sportline Deluxe Grip 'n Gear Bag, Umpqua

  • By: Ted Leeson

Ex Officio: The Genuine Article

Topics: Ex Officio Baja Plus Shirt

1996 Kudos Awards

Topics: "Gary LaFontaine, Umpqua Feather Merchant's Flies, Thomas&Thomas Horizon Saltwater Trav'ler Rods, The Teeny T Lines, Ex Officio, Buck's Bags "

1996 Angler of the Year: Gary LaFontaine

Topics: Gary LaFontaine and his contributions to the world of fly fishing

  • By: Robert H. Berls

The Teeny T Lines

Topics: The Teeny T Lines

The Value of Revisitation

Topics: Familiar waters breed success

  • By: Dave Hughes

The House's Dirty Water Bill

Topics: Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt and the House's altering of the Clean Water Act

  • By: Ted Williams

Saltwater How-To

Topics: "Backcountry Fly Fishing in Salt Water (Doug Swisher and Carl Richards, Lyons&Burford), Flyrodding Florida Salt (Captain John Kuminski, Argonaut Publishing), Billfish on a Fly (Jack Samson, Frank Amato Publications), Prey (Carl Richards, Lyons&Burford), The Sunfishes (Jack Ellis, Lyons&Burford),

  • By: Stephen Bodio

Getting Your Hackles Up Part II

Topics: Techniques for developing dryfly hackling

  • By: Darrel Martin

Trout Ponds

Topics: Exploring the smaller ponds (stillwaters)

  • By: John Gierach