September 1997

September 1997

The Robert Traver Fly-Fishing Fiction Award

Topics: Traver award introductory page

Spanish Fly

Topics: Traver Fiction entry

  • By: Kent Cowgill

Letter From Yellowstone

Topics: Traver Fiction entry Dealer/Manufacturer(s): "G. Loomis SG GL3, Fisher Co. Damselfly, Powell Woman Angler, Diane Powell Custom, Winston Joan Wulff Favorite, Orvis Marbury HLS2"

  • By: Peter Fong

Small Rod Makers

Topics: "Small rod makers: Green River Rods (Robert Gorman), C.F. Burkheimer Rods (Kerry Burkheimer), Steffen Bros. Fly Rod Co. (Mark Steffen), Glastech Rods (Dennis Franke)" Dealer/Manufacturer(s): Willis&Geiger Art Lee Fishing Shirt; Diamondback Classic Trout fly rods; Diamondback All American fly

  • By: Ted Leeson

Trout Fishing In Missouri

Topics: Trout fishing in Missouri using a wet fly Fish: "rainbow trout, brown trout" Location(s): Southwestern Missouri Water(s): "Crane Creek, White River, North Fork of the White River"

Subsurface Situations

Topics: Fishing subsurface Fish: Trout

  • By: Dave Hughes

Greenwell's Glory

Topics: Traver Fiction entry

  • By: Thomas McIntyre

Hobard's Gate

Topics: Traver Fiction entry

  • By: Seth Norman

Crab Flies For Redfish

Topics: "catching permit, large bonefish and redfish using a crab fly and how to tie the Jack's Fighting Crab" Fish: "permit, large bonefish and redfish" Flypattern(s): Jack's Fighting Crab

  • By: Jack Samson

For Keeps

Topics: Robert Traver Fly-Fishing Fiction Award winning story about a man and his mentally challenged brother and what fly fishing means to both of them

  • By: Gary Whitehead

Feathers & Fins

Topics: "Golden Witch Rods, Wilderness Access Over The Boot Fin, Tom Morgan Rods"

  • By: Paul McGurren

Catskill Trout Ditches

Topics: How Pennsylvania reacts to the flooding of the Catskill area rivers

  • By: Ted Williams

Poles Apart

Topics: "His Blessings Through Angling (Harry W. Murray, Shenandoah Publishing), Summer's Salmon (A. Rusty Rat, Meadow Run Press), In Praise of Trout--And Also Me (Paul O'Neil, Kevin Begos Publishing), The Beaverkill (Ed Van Put, Lyons&Burford), Women&Fly Fishing: An Introduction (video with Jennifer

  • By: Seth Norman

Beyond The Hook

Topics: Tying the extended body: Schwiebert's Wire Body&Martin's Sleeve Body

  • By: Darrel Martin

Stage Two

Topics: Getting older and the stages of a fly fisherman's life

  • By: John Gierach