July 1998

July 1998

Mink-Tail Wings

Topics: "mink-tail wings including instructions for the Early Brown Stonefly, St. Varian Fluttering Caddis, and Mink-Tail Comparadun" Flypattern(s): Early Brown Stonefly; St. Varian Fluttering Caddis; Mink-Tail Comparadun

  • By: A. K. Best

"Taylor Streit, My Grandfathers & Some Pretty Little Fish"

Topics: A personal search for purebread cutthroat trout Fish: Cutthroat trout

  • By: Michael Kimmel

A Trio of Reels

Topics: "Waterworks U.L.A. Purist Reel, Abel Super Series Reels, Scientific Anglers System 2 Reels, Float Strider Float Tube Fins"

  • By: Paul McGurren

The Golden Fish

Topics: "Dorado, the golden fish" Fish: Dorado

  • By: Jack Samson

Vested interest

Topics: "fishing vests: Barbour Fly Fisher Vest, C.C. Filson Fly Fishing Guide Vest&Fly Fishing Strap Vest, Cabela's Three Forks II Fly Fishing Vest&Willow Creek Vest, Columbia Henry's Fork II, Cortland Deluxe Fly Fishing Vest, G. Loomis Fly Vest, Hodgman Vent-Back Wading Vest, L.L. Bean Fly Weight Mesh

  • By: Ted Leeson


Topics: Herbert Hoover and Virginia's Rapidan River Fish: Wild brook trout Location(s): Virginia Water(s): Rapidan River

  • By: Parker Bauer

Watershed Vision

Topics: The Forest Service seeks its roots as Mike Dombeck picks a fight with the timber industry and their allies in Congress

  • By: Ted Williams

Seriously Good Reading

Topics: "A Place in Mind (Sydney Lea, Story Line Press), Walking on Water (Lorian Hemingway, Simon&Schuster), An Honest Angler: The Best of Sparse Grey Hackle (ed. Patricia Miller Sherwood), Haunted By Waters: Fly Fishing in North American Literature (Mark Browning: Ohio University Press)"

  • By: Seth Norman

The Body Beautiful- Part II

Topics: Body materials

  • By: Darrel Martin


Topics: Various fishing boats and an angler's affection towards them

  • By: John Gierach