July 1999

July 1999

The Callibaetis

Topics: Detailed information about the Callibaetis Fish: Trout Water(s): Western stillwater Insect(s): Callibaetis Flypattern(s): " Mayfly Cripple and Bivisible Dun, CDC Biot Spinner"

  • By: Ralph Cutter

Soft-Hackle Success

Topics: Using a soft-hackled fly to consistently make contact with trout Fish: Trout Flypattern(s): Soft-hackle flies

  • By: Dave Hughes

Treasures of theSierra Madre

Topics: Searching for native Mexican Trout in the Sierra Madre mountains Fish: Native Mexican trout Location(s): "Sierra Madre mountains, Mexico" Flypattern(s): #12 beadhead Zug Bug

  • By: Rex Johnson Jr.

Poppers on the Flats

Topics: Fly-fishing for redtrout and seatrout using poppers Fish: Redtrout and seatrout Location(s): "Port Mansfield, Texas" Flypattern(s): Poppers

  • By: Sam Jackson

Limestone Junky

Topics: Fishing the limestone creeks of central Pennsylvania Fish: Trout Location(s): Central Pennsylvania Water(s): "Spring Creek, Spruce Creek, Fishing Creek, Big Fishing Creek, Penn's Creek, Little Juanita River" Flypattern(s): "#18 Blue Quills, parachute adams "

  • By: Chuck Robbins

A Choice of Leaders

Topics: "Abel Supreme Fly Tying Vise, Gary's Flies Custom Leaders, Mulligan's Finest Furled Flourocarbon Leaders, Hodgman Wadelite Pro-Shop Wading Shoe"

  • By: Paul McGurren

Saltwater Kings

Topics: Saltwater King Trout in Alaska Fish: "king salmon, chinook" Location(s): "Auk Bay, southeastern coastal Alaska"

  • By: Richard Culver

Kids and Casting

Topics: "teaching young children to cast, rollcast instructions"

  • By: Joan Salvatto Wulff

Salmon Farming

Topics: Salmon farming in the USA

  • By: Ted Williams

Nick Lyons Tells All

Topics: "My Secret Fishing Life (Nick Lyons, Atlantic Monthly Press), Seasons of the Bighorn: An Angler's Year (George Kelly, Willow Creek Press), Seasons of the Yellowstone: An Angler's Year (Kim Leighton, Willow Creek Press), River Journal Series, Steelhead River Journal Series (Frank Amato Publications),

  • By: Seth Norman

Jackson's Fancy Spade

Topics: How to tie the Fancy Spade (the Jackson Hybrid) Fish: Steelhead Flypattern(s): Fancy Spade (Jackson Hybrid)

  • By: Darrel Martin


Topics: Grayling fishing in Colorado Location(s): Colorado

  • By: John Gierach