March 2003

March 2003


Topics: One of the benefits of solitude is having uninterrupted time for reflection

The Latest in Floating Fly Lines

Topics: "Airflo Platinum Chalkstream (DT and WF 4-6 weight) and the Lake Line (WF 4-9), and Airflo Polyfuse 7000 series Bass Finder&Pike Finder lines (WF 6-10), the Tactical Delta Spey Traditional (WF 7/8-10/11), Bonefish 35 and 41 (both WF 6-9), and Tarpon 36 (WF 10-12), Cortland 555 series, including

  • By: Buzz Bryson

A Glance at the Goodies

Topics: Intro to our experts favorite trade-show picks

  • By: Fly Rod and Reel

Spring Knot Review

Topics: "Blood Knot, Surgeon's Knot, Nail-Less Nail Knot" Dealer/Manufacturer(s): "Airflo, Cabela's, Cortland Line Company, Jim Teeny, Inc., Orvis, RIO Products, Royal Wulff Products, Sage Scientific Anglers"

  • By: Jason Borger

Road Books

Topics: A good book or two can prove to be just as essential as good gear

  • By: John Gierach

A Trout Angler's Guide to Smallmouth Bass

Topics: Why and how fo fish for smallmouth bass Fish: Smallmouth bass Flypattern(s): "Caddis Buck, Sunfish Shenandoah Slider, Blue Shenandoah Popper, Murray's Frisky Frog Hair Bug, Shenk's Black Sculpin, Whitlock's ,Sculpin, CLouser's Sculpin, Murray's Sculpin, Silver Outcast, Clouser's Silver Shiner,

  • By: Harry Murray

Not Your Daddy's Rubber Pants

Topics: "Waders review: ADG Breathable Waders, Cabela's Gold Medal Waders, Cabela's Dry-Plus Premium Breathable Waders and Dry-Plus GII Waders, Chota Outdoor Tellico and Abrams Creek Lightweight Stockingfoots, Dan Bailey's Lightweight Breathable Waders and BareBones Waders, Hodgman Wadelite Taslan Stockingfoot

  • By: Ted Leeson

The Traveling Angler

Topics: "The Ledges Inn (New Brunswick, Canada) provides a four-star stay while fishing for easy-to-catch (by Atlantic salmon standards)Atlantics" Fish: Atlantic salmon Location(s): "New Brunswick, Canada" Water(s): Miramichi

  • By: Vic Venters

Letter From California

Location(s): CA State Sector: "NC, EC" Water(s): "Fall River, Hat Creek, Yellow Creek, Lake Britton, Lake Almanor, North Fork Feather River,Owen's River, Lake Crowley, Hot Creek" Insect(s): "Hex, Pale Morning Duns, Caddis,Mayfly, Blue-Wing Olives" Dealer/Manufacturer(s): "G. loomis, St. Croix, Thomas&Thomas,

  • By: Michael Checchio

Be Kind To Your Spin-Fishing Friend

Topics: "Treat spin- and baitfishers with respect and they just might discover fly fishing is a ""real kick in the pants."" "

  • By: Paul Guernsey

Water Wrongs

Topics: The federal govenment is giving away our Western rivers

  • By: Ted Williams

Mixed Bag

Topics: "Lessons of Fairsized Creek (John Huber, Pruett Publishing), Dry-Fly Patterns for the New Millennium (Poul Jorgensen for the Catskill Fly-Fishing Center and Museum (Amato Publications), Unforgettable days (Riverbend Publishing), Big Trout (Bernie Taylor, The Lyons Press)"

  • By: Seth Norman

Parachute Patterns Part I

Topics: "The Barlow Gallows (stem-loop) Method, the Self-Parachutes, The parachute Emerger (the Barlow Method)" Flypattern(s): "The Barlow Gallows (stem-loop) Method, the Self-Parachutes, The parachute Emerger (the Barlow Method)"

  • By: Darrel Martin

Large Caddis

Topics: Large caddis flies Dealer/Manufacturer(s): "ADG, Cabela's, Chota, Dan Bailey's, Hodgman, L.L. Bean, Redington, Orvis, Simms"

  • By: A. K. Best

Mark O'Meara

Topics: The 1998 Master Tournamet winner believes there is a strong connection between golf and fly-fishing

  • By: Chris Santella

Tips For Fly Tiers

Topics: "Tips for tying biot tails, solutions for curing leader flop, women are, in general, easier to train at fly-casting"

  • By: Buzz Bryson
  • and Paul Guernsey