Write For Us!

Write For Us!

In our June Letters column, Bruce Halliday, of Centerville, Ohio, suggested that the magazine launch some sort of "Reader's Choice Angler of the Year Award."

  • By: Paul Guernsey
In our June Letters column, Bruce Halliday, of Centerville, Ohio, suggested that the magazine launch some sort of "Reader's Choice Angler of the Year Award." Bruce pointed out that ever since we first began recognizing our Anglers of the Year in 1985, most of the people who received the award have been fairly well known to fly fishers across the country. Although these "high-profile" anglers certainly deserve credit, Bruce told us, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of lesser-known but no less inspirational fly fishermen and --women out there doing great things for kids, conservation or their fellow anglers, and these people should get some recognition as well.

We couldn't have agreed more. In fact, even before we received Bruce's letter we had been talking to the folks at Ford about ways to bring more of America's-and Canada's-finest and most public-spirited fly fishers into the spotlight. What we came up with was a new regular column called, Ford Presents: River Keepers, which debuts in this issue. Here at FR&R, we feel fortunate that Ford has agreed to sponsor this department in every one of our issues for at least the next year.

Not only will our Ford River Keepers be nominated by FR&R readers, but we thought it would only be fitting if readers wrote the profiles as well. (After all, nobody knows your fly-fishing heroes better than you do!) So, if you've ever wanted to write an article for a fly-fishing magazine, now is your chance. If we use your River Keepers profile in FR&R, we'll pay you $200. Otherwise, we'll still do our best to publish your by-lined article and photos on our Web site, FR&R Online (www.flyrodreel.com).

And Please-if you decide to become an outdoor writer, be a professional outdoor writer. Make sure your River Keepers article is typed, double-spaced, proof-read and no longer than the one that appears in this issue of FR&R (that's about 600 words, or two pages long). Make sure you enclose a couple of good color slides or photographs of the person you're writing about. Although the photos don't have to look like they were taken by R. Valentine Atkinson, they should be properly exposed, well-focused, and should show the person fishing, or working with kids, or doing something else interesting that helps to illustrate the points you make about him or her in your article.

If you want the photos returned to you, make sure you enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope with the correct amount of postage attached. And we'd also appreciate it if, along with the hard copy of your profile, you enclosed a floppy-disk version; that'll save us from the time-consuming process of having to run your pages through the scanner.

Your article should also be accompanied a brief -and we mean brief-cover letter that tells us who you are, how we can contact you, how we can contact the subject of your article, and why you chose to write about him or her.

A final word of encouragement: Please don't be too self-conscious about your writing. Just do the best you can to give is a good story about an inspiring angler. If you need help polishing the thing-well, that's what editors are for.

Please do not call us or e-mail us about your idea! Just do your interview(s), take or borrow your photos, start writing and, when you're ready, send your complete submission to Fly Rod&Reel, Ford Presents: River Keepers, PO Box 370, Camden, ME 04843.

Have fun-and welcome to the world of outdoor journalism!