WEB BONUS: Be Bear Aware!

WEB BONUS: Be Bear Aware!

The author of "Call of the Wild Cutthroats" offers some tips on staying safe in bear country...

  • By: A. J. Somerset
  • and A. J. Hand
  • Photography by: Al Caucci
  • and Adriano Manocchia
  • Illustrations by: Al Ristori
  • , Albert Haas Jr.
  • and A. J. Hand
Bear Pepper Mace

Bear Pepper Mace, $44.95

The bear population in Glacier National Park is 500 black bears, 200 grizzlies; do not forget to bring along pepper spray (it works). Go to Bear Pepper Mace.

(About Mace: Pepper Mace has a powerful Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) pepper formula that creates an intense burning sensation and causes an attackers (include a bear's!) eyes to slam shut upon direct contact. OC pepper is a naturally occurring substance derived from cayenne peppers.)

Munching smelly snacks like smoked sardines is NOT recommended in bear country, since a bears world enters through its nose. Hand sanitizer is your friend, fish-slime-wise. Make lots of noise when in deep brush or along running water; bears do not like surprises, particularly from self-indulgent fly-fishermen. Escaping up a tree is not an option; blacks can climb like Olympic gymnasts. Do not run; grizzlies can sprint up to 35 mph, chasing a snack. Last resort? Curl up face down in the fetal position and play dead.

Even though there have only been 10 fatal bear maulings in the last 40 years in Glacier National Park, it is wise to NOT hike or fish alone in Glacier Park.'”R.C. Hooker