Spring Creek Stealth

Spring Creek Stealth

Tactical approaches on a hidden spring creek bring success.

  • By: Tom Keer
  • Photography by: Jim Levison

Jim Levison


July on a Colorado spring creek is more like hunting than fishing. Stand way back from the water's edge, with the sun in front of you, and watch. Then watch a little longer. Look, in the channel between the weed beds, a spotted back and dorsal fin sticking way up out of the water. A rainbow so big its belly nearly drags on the bottom. Stealthy fishing on this creek requires a long, bow-and-arrow cast. There's no room for hanging a backcast Read More »

Jim Levison is a freelance photographer and fishing guide from outer Long Island, NY.
Tom Keer is a freelance writer who lives on Cape Cod.

in the tall grass behind you. So the guide holds your line in a mock backcast. Add a single haul for speed, and drift your tip for a gentle presentation. Drop that fly 10 feet above him, right in the middle of the current seam in between the weed beds. Gently.

Skinny-water trout erupt on big hoppers like tarpon blow up on mullet. There's not much elbowroom in a narrow creek that's full of weeds. Keep your rod tip high and don't let the trout get into the grass. Weeds on a leader add weight and snap tippets.

If you want to see those fishy spots and red cheeks up close, keep your rod high, maintain pressure and wait. When your guide resembles a shortstop, crouched down with his long-handled net stretched out beyond the weed line, it's time. After the two-foot 'bow is in the net…breathe.