10-Minute Ties

10-Minute Ties

  • By: A. K. Best
Green Drake Large.jpg

MANY OF YOU WILL BE HEADING WEST THIS SUMMER TO FISH SOME of the famous waters in the Rocky Mountains. If you time your visit between the last week of July and the first week of September, your chances of hitting the green-drake hatch are excellent. I can’t think of any stream in the mountains that doesn’t have a green drake hatch! A word of advice: Go shopping on the weekends; there will be lots of fishermen on the streams then.


Hook: Mustad 94831, size 12
Thread: Danville #62, light green Monocord
Tail: Small clump of elk hair
Body: Dyed light green wild-turkey biot
Wing: Dyed light medium dun hen hackle tips
Hackle: One dyed medium green grizzly saddle hackle, one dyed medium dun saddle hackle


?De-barb, put the hook in the vise and attach the thread one hook gap behind the eye. Clip and stack a small clump of elk hair. Measure the tips to extend beyond the hook bend by 1½ times the hook gap. Lash the tail to the hook and wind the thread forward. Fold the hair butts back over the top of the shank and lash down with thread. Lift the butts and clip off at an angle. Cover the clipped butts with thread.

? Bring the thread to just in front to the tail and tie in the tip of the biot with the notch facing away from you. Pivot the biot to a 90-degree angle from the hook and anchor it with three turns of thread.

?Begin to wind the biot forward, using hackle pliers. Follow each turn with a turn of thread over the biot’s leading edge.

? Wind to the edge of the shoulder and clip off the butt of the biot. Select a pair of hen hackles and tie them in as shown here in front of the wings, leaving enough space for two turns of double hackle. Leave the thread hanging behind the eye.

?Begin winding the hackles (both at the same time); take two turns behind the wings. Cross forward under the wings and wind both hackles forward. Stop the hackles underneath the hook, bring the thread back under the hackles and wind both to the far side of the hook. Take two more turns of thread over the hackles, lift the hackles upright and clip off the excess. There you have it.