Summer 2010

Summer 2010

Freak Trout

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Triploids are manufactured-in-the-laboratory-fish with three chromosomes rather than the normal two.

  • By: Ted Williams

Deep Into Shallow Water

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"I climbed aboard Wendy’s skiff and we headed out. Wendy’s been guiding at DWC for nearly 30 years, and he took me to a variety of flats all within a short run of the dock."

  • By: Thomas Keer

Rapids Camp Lodge


Rapids Camp rests on the bank of the Naknek River, just a 15-minute drive from the King Salmon airport. It’s not the only game in town—there are quality fishing lodges sprinkled around southwest Alaska—but what separates Rapids from the other camps is it allows guests to create their angling agendas, versus being held to strict outlines.

  • By: Greg Thomas

Upfront Notes

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I met Dave Hughes about a decade ago, when we were both editing fly-fishing magazines (neither was FR&R). Dave had recently taken up his editorship, and in doing so was obligated to stop writing the Fly-Fishing Success column for this magazine, which he had contributed since 1993. I had known Dave’s writing for some time—learned a lot about fly-fishing from him, in fact—and we hit it off as fellow editors and writers, though I don’t hold a candle to his long list of book credits, including the classic Western Hatches with Rick Hafele, American Fly Tying Manual, Handbook of Hatches, Reading Trout Water, Dry Fly Fishing, Nymph Fishing and the massive reference guide Trout Flies. His latest book, published in 2009, is Nymphs for Streams and Stillwaters.

  • By: Joe Healy

Suspended Midges


"But such surface feeding is the tip of the iceberg, beacuse most lake and pond midges get eaten beneath the surface, all day long, in a constant barrage that does a lot to fatten stillwater trout, but does little to reduce the midge population."

  • By: Dave Hughes

Big Sky Alternatives

warm water sl-4warm water sl-4.jpg

Forget about Montana trout, for a little while anyway, by fishing this warmwater honey holes in Big Sky Country.

  • By: E. Donnall Thomas

Fresh for the Salt


"The truth is, many patterns entice multiple species and some jump a divide between freshwater or saltwater connotation to become a special breed of so-called crossover flies."

  • By: Ed Mitchell

Pusher Streamer


Every time I hear the words “warm water” I think of fishing for freshwater bass and northern pike. I did a lot of fly-fishing for both species when I lived first in Iowa and later in Michigan. I fished for largemouth bass and pike in Iowa and neighboring Minnesota, and years after for smallmouth bass in Michigan. It’s exciting fishing, especially when using topwater flies. It brings to mind spending an hour or so at my tying desk spinning deer-hair bass bugs with rubber legs.

  • By: A. K. Best

A Feel for Rod-Building


"Winston rods have always had a certain ‘feel,’ which made me a fan. Originally it was because the rods had a softer action than others, but now, even with the faster action Boron rods, that sensitivity is still there. That sense of feeling is an invaluable teaching tool and, as an angler, adds greatly to my fishing enjoyment."

  • By: Thomas Keer

Up On Crystal Creek


"In 2006, Crystal Creek Lodge moved from their previous location of 18 years near Dillingham to a new home near the base of the Alaskan Peninsula, just outside of King Salmon next to Katmai National Park."

  • By: Jeremy Hatch
  • and A. K. Best

Trip-Planning 2010

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The low-down on trip planning to Mexico, the Bahamas and New Zealand from now through autumn and the holiday season.

  • By: Fly Rod and Reel

Salmon and Trout as Mine Waste

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About the proposed Pebble Mine: The witch’s brew of sulfuric acid and heavy metals—contained by five earthen dams (two of which would be the world’s highest)—would be centered in the “Ring of Fire,” a volatile seismic zone beset by major earthquakes.

  • By: Ted Williams

On the Nushagak


Travel advice is you book a trip to The Nushagak, Bristol Bay, Alaska

  • By: E. Donnall Thomas

Trout in Terra Incognita

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"When most people visualize fly-fishing in Nevada, if they do so at all, it’s typically an image of the western side of the state, which is fed by the Sierra Nevada Range. The endless basins and ranges in eastern and central Nevada is terra incognita for most anglers, a place where packing snake tongs seems more appropriate than a fly rod."

  • By:

On the Ranch

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Driving west across Colorado on Interstate 70, there was a specific quarter-mile where the public-radio and classic-rock stations I’d been grazing through all faded to static and were replaced by country-western and preachers. The exit for the town of Silt was in the rearview mirror and the Colorado River was off my left shoulder. I’d crossed the Continental Divide some 90 miles back and could have made the Utah border in less than an hour, but it was only then that I felt like I was officially on the West Slope where the airwaves are filled with pain and redemption with livestock reports on the hour.

  • By: John Gierach

Lightweight Coverage

simms gore-tex paclite jacket_green.jpg

"Most anglers are better served by lightweight, packable wading jackets."

  • By: Ted Leeson

Nushagak Kings


"Fly-fishing for king salmon is a lot like flying airplanes in the bush, with long periods of relaxing routine punctuated by moments of outright panic...."

  • By: E. Donnall Thomas

Bushwhacking for Bull Trout in B.C.


"The weather is rough in that country, the forest deep and twisted and the grizzly-bear population is significant, meaning you see signs of those brutes when bushwhacking off-trail and clamoring along remote, treacherous riverbanks."

  • By: Greg Thomas