If You See a Chance, Take It

If You See a Chance, Take It

Yoga as angling prep? Maybe . . . .


jSOME PEOPLE HAVE ALL THE luck. And if you were Amy Trina on March 30, you definitely had it. That’s because she was fishing Abergris Caye out of San Pedro, Belize when she hooked into a fish that some anglers spend a lifetime trying, often unsuccessfully, to catch.
Remarkably, she wasn’t even in Belize to fish. Instead she’d travelled from Montana to participate in a six-day, hardcore yoga camp called Akbol. She’d packed a rod and gear, but she hadn’t even seen a fish to cast at while briefly patrolling a nearby beach. But she ran into fellow fly fishers at a bar one evening and copped an invite to fish the following day, with the assistance of a local independent guide, Darryl Smith.
Smith had seen permit the day prior and he ran Trina to that particular flat. They weren’t there long before she spotted 30-some fish moving her way. She cast and got a chase, but the fish didn’t grab. Soon, however, another big school swam toward her and this time she picked up the 9-weight and launched a green shrimp imitation. She stripped the fly a couple times, caught a permit’s attention, and then performed a solid strip-strike when the fish ate.
Trina says the fish ran into her backing five times during the hour-long fight. Several times she felt like she would lose the fish. But eventually she boated the brute, which weighed an estimated 25 to 30 pounds, one of the largest fish Smith has seen this year. Trina attributes her success to the centering and focus the yoga retreat gave her, and to the instruction from Smith.
Smith summed up Trina’s catch like anyone who’s spent much time throwing for permit would: “The gods were on your side.” —the editors w

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