Readers' Choice 2009

We want you to pick the year's best fly-fishing products. (And win a hat!)

Send us your vote let your fly fishing voice be heard

Three contributors will be picked at random to receive an official Fly Rod& Reel ball cap. Yeah, payola!

Send an email with the subject line Readers' Favorites, with your gear votes, to:

[email protected]

It's an election year, which means you have a god-given right to participate in fly-fishing democracy. Let us know which rod, reel, line, leader, float tube, kick-boat, waders, outwear, underwear, sunglasses"well, you get the point"is your absolute favorite of the year. We'll tally up all the totals and let you, and the fly-fishing industry, know what the majority thought. Doesn't have to be a new product-just something you found particularly useful or memorable throughout 2008.

Guidelines: Simply think about the gear you used or tested this year, and let us know what worked best for you. Please include your full name with your email. Voting closes on September 1.