Gilded Treasure

Gilded Treasure

  • Photography by: Brian Grossenbacher

In the 16th Century, dorado were named the “gilded fish” by Cabeca de Vaca, a Portuguese explorer who discovered the fish in Argentinean rivers. Today, the fish are prized by adventurous fly-fishers.

While fishing on the Rio Paraná outside of Corrientes, Argentina, anglers find the dorado aggressive. Hard-working guides such as Ricardo “Pinty” Pinto (tying flies, at upper left) and Ramiro Badessich (above, middle) know where the fish are and how to get them to eat flies. Ramiro is a full-time adventurer who travels incessantly in search of dorado when he is not guiding on the Paraná.

The dorado, Tigre Del Rio or River Tiger, is one of the strongest-fighting fish in the world. From their elbow-wrenching takes to the acrobatic jumps and sheer stamina, these fish, which commonly range between five and 15 pounds, are a true challenge on a fly rod.

Brian Grossenbacher is a photographer and fishing guide who lives in Montana. For info on fishing with Pinty and Ramiro, contact Agustin Bustos at [email protected]