Snakeoil from the Sportsmen's Alliance

The "antis" are circling in black helicopters.  Unless we get Jack Bauer on the case fast, they will do us all in (after disarming us, of course):




Contact Your Federal Legislators to Stop Ban on Lead in National Parks


Sportsmen nationwide must immediately contact their U.S. representatives and senators.


Ask your congressman and two U.S. senators to urge the Obama Administration to stop the National Park Service from its plan to stop the use lead ammunition and fishing tackle on its lands.


The park service, which administers many lands that permit hunting and fishing, including National Preserves, National Recreation Areas and National Rivers, announced March 10 that it would ban lead ammunition and sinkers from its lands.


Acting NPS Director Dan Wenk stated that the NPS goal is to eliminate all lead in ammunition and tackle by the end of 2010. 


Over 20 million acres of NPS land is open to hunting and would be adversely impacted by this decision.

This decision is seen as a blatant anti-hunting move.  It is clearly designed to limit hunting by imposing high priced alternative products like tungsten, copper, and steel.

It will reduce available conservation dollars as sportsmen reduce purchases of hunting and angling gear.


Take Action!  Sportsmen are urged to contact their congressperson and their senators and tell them to ask the Obama Administration to oppose this measure. Tell them banning lead will destroy both part of America’s heritage and reduce conservation dollars.


To find your Representative’s phone number use the Legislative Action Center.