Meet the Author—Peter Thompson

Exclusive Video: Author of Freshwater Game Fish of North America

  • By: Fly Rod and Reel

From the Introduction to Freshwater Game Fish of North America:

"[A] premise of this book is that anglers are typically on the front lines of people seeing changes in a particular fishery, or becoming aware of a boom or bust period for a certain species. Along with field researchers, the sportsman or woman has a vital role to play in collecting information about a given species of fish, or an entire watershed. We are all part of an interconnected web of life, and in these days of rapid environmental change, we must cooperate to support the health of our American game fish. For those of us who are serious about fishing, conservation must now be assumed as a personal responsibility.

"You will certainly notice throughout the book that catch-and-release sport fishing is strongly encouraged. History, even very recent history, tells us how easy it is for over-harvesting to rapidly deplete fish stocks. Again this places nurturing a conservation ethic in the hands of sport anglers (and our children) wherever we choose to fish."—Peter Thompson