Tying the Light Way

  • By: Joe Healy

On my fly-tying desk in my office, I recently added a Daylight Table Top Lamp to my assortment of tools, hooks and threads. I've used "natural light" lamps in the past to good effect while tying—the result for me is less eye strain at the vise, so my work is more enjoyable to the limits of my tolerance for sitting in one place and winding hackle or clipping deer hair (usually about two hours)....

The Daylight model I'm using, the Easy-Twist Table Top ($129.99) has a magnifying lens "flexi-arm" so I can easily zoom in on the hook in the jaws of my Renzetti (as seen here in the blown-out-by-flash-in-a-cool-way photo). The lamp head swivels and is also on a flexi, so I can adjust the direction of the light. Ah, the light: the light wave is the same as natural daylight, so objects (dubbing, hair, thread) appear as they do in everyday ambient light, or as you would see them on the banks of a trout stream, say, so you know that the orange on your Stimulator is just what matches that salmonfly. (Or green dubbing for a caddis body...you get my drift.) One of the best benefits of the lamp, as the company points out, is you “twist your lamp, not your head while enhancing color discrimination and improving contrast" so the ergonomics around your tying station are improved.

I can honestly say I'm enjoying tying more with this lamp, than without it...




Here's the press information from the company:




The Daylight Company, the world’s leading maker of high quality specialty and magnifying lamps, is making life easier for a wide range of people with three novel 'Easy-Twist' lamps that allow users to aim glare-free natural light exactly where it’s needed.

The Easy-Twist system, unique to the Daylight Company, employs a proprietary swivel technology that helps those working on detailed projects, hobbyists and people with low vision to do their work better and in more comfort. Their key benefit is to allow the user to “twist your lamp, not your head” while enhancing color discrimination and improving contrast.


• Easy-Twist Portable Lamp (U33700, $74.99) is lightweight, folds easily for storage, can be moved easily from place to place and turns effortlessly on its detachable base. The lamp uses flicker-free 13W energy saving tubes that give the equivalent of 100 watts of light without annoying strobe effects.

• Easy-Twist Floor Lamp (U23030-01, $189.99) is an 18W lamp with a flexible magnifier. It moves easily on six wheels and with its elegantly functional design, it is at home in any living room, or can be used while working in bed or in the shop or craft room.

• Easy-Twist Table Top (U23020-01, $129.99) is a larger lamp featuring a flexible magnifier with 18W of light output that will spread true-color light over a large area on the work surface.


“These lamps are as close to natural daylight you can get without actually going outside. They are the first lamps ever designed that let you twist the head effortlessly to direct the ultimate spread of perfect light across the whole of your work area,” says Fraser Hodgson, Product Development Manager for The Daylight Company. “The portable lamp also features a snap-on base to give added stability, and all of the lamps use our patented tubes to reduce eyestrain and eliminate potential headaches.”

The variety of potential users for lamps featuring Easy-Twist technology is endless, including technicians, craftsmen, needle workers, artists, restorers, repairmen, nail salon workers, the elderly, those with low vision and many others.

About Daylight

The Daylight Company™ is the leading manufacturer of high quality magnifying and specialty task lamps and bulbs. Daylight technology is energy efficient, reduces eye strain, improves contrast and allows users to enjoy true colors with optimal comfort and durability. Daylight products provide an unequalled array of features to serve FLY-TYING!, industrial, arts and crafts, health and beauty, senior citizen and low-vision users. The Daylight Company maintains offices in the U.S., the U.K., Australia and European countries. For further information visit http://us.daylightcompany.com/.