Summer 2010

Hughes News

Thank you. Thank you. It was with great pleasure that I read that Dave Hughes would be writing for Fly Rod & Reel. I used to subscribe to one magazine because of his writing; now I am confirmed in my wise decision to have extended my subscription to Fly Rod & Reel to 2012, where I can now find Hughes’ work. Thanks. I feel better now. Don’t really know why. But keep up the good work.

Gerald Herrin
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Dave Hughes’ knowledge and understanding of western fly hatches and entomology have been essential to my enjoyment and practice of the “art of fly-fishing” in the West. Dave’s rejoining Fly Rod & Reel as a regular columnist is indeed good news for all who care to drink in and enjoy!

Randy Karst
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Angler of the Year

Your choice of Tom McGuane as Angler of the Year is an excellent one. The introduction to his book The Longest Silence should be required reading for anyone who has ever picked up a fly rod. I am sure that the fact that he studied under Wallace Stegner at Stanford University has had some influence on his writing. And finally, I wish that you had used the photo from the back of his book Some Horses in the (Dec. 2010/Jan. 2011) article because that is Tom McGuane today…writer, fly fisherman but also rancher and horseman.

Lory Watkins
Seattle, WA

View the McGuane photo at his publisher’s Web site www.randomhouse.com —ed.

Thanks for the Memories

Your March 2010 issue was an exercise in nostalgia for me. The story for on the demise of the A-Bar in Last Chance, Idaho, sent me scrambling through the junk drawers. My wife says I’ve never thrown anything out in my life and now she has proof—see the matchbook photo attached. We stayed there years ago whenever weather precluded camping at the nearby Riverside Campground. The fishing on the Henry’s Fork there was phenomenal back in the 1980s and early 1990s, and the place was full of characters. Thanks.

Bill Sheehan
Neenah, WI

Your point about the fishing is right on pace with what Greg Thomas reports beginning on page 54 in this issue about the Henry’s Fork—only the fishing is now coming back to those salad days from the 1980s and 1990s. Last Chance, Idaho, fly-fishing legend René Harrop also adds his insights on how the river is fishing today in our exclusive interview on pages 58 and 59.—ed.

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