Heard Around the Nation 7

A word about this regular section: It contains only outrageous, outlandish, and disturbing pontification. Any sensible, progressive, or intelligent statement will be instantly punted into cyberspace. Lovely folks, these motorheads. This from Dale Freitas, President of the New Jersey Off Highway Vehicle Association in the chatroom “Thumpertalk”: “Hey Guys: Unfortunately we live in the North East and are under attach [sic] by the Greenies. This isn’t about noise, it’s about the total elimination of Off Highway Recreation as we know it. It’s happening all over the country. It’s not an issue of closed course verse public land…It’s about CONTROL! They want to CONTROL everything we do and where we go. These fricking Greenies will sit in a meeting with you and tell you they want to help, but as soon as you turn your back they F-you! To the Greenies, it’s all out WAR and this is just a skirmish! They will continue to remove the bricks that we use for our foundation. It’s time we fight back, these people are not to be trusted. What they’re doing to us, is the same as what Adolf Hittler [sic] the Nazi’s did during World War2 It’s time to stop talking and start calling your state representatives. If you see a Greenie, you need to confront them and make them feel as uncomfortable as possible without getting arrested. They are not to be trusted…It is all out WAR!” Dale [Freitas] President of New Jersey Off Highway Vehicle Association (NJOHVA) http://www.njohva.org/ Director of Atlantic Grand Prix series http://www.atlanticgrandprix.com/