Heard Around the Nation 4

From the Motorhead Chatroom "Thumpertalk" What a bunch of crybabies you guys are. I left CT and moved to VT and one would think hey theres woods riding everywhere but ppl here hate bikes. The f'ing treee huggers and private property garbage is unreal. I lived in Glastonbury and never in 20yrs had an issue riding the state forest power and gas lines or reservoirs. It pisses me off that VT'ers have restricted their "trails" for redneck snowmobile use only. I want to move back to CT where I can do some good illegal dirtbiking. At least you guys have tracks like Rocky Hill and Thomaston, the closest track to me is 2 hrs. away. Next time you think CT is bad, just think of me and how VT sucks for riding. The DEP, what a joke those clowns are. I would think that if you're taking the time to read shit on this forum, most likely you can probably smoke some lame DEP jackass on a quad anyday. Given the chance I'd come to ride in CT anyday. -- EXPENSIVE RIDE I know a few poeple who have been stopped riding on the Cape. The Feds will send a team of Biologists out to asses the damages: the report will contain a GPS map, a list of plant & terrain damage, the estimated cost of repair & the over-all environmental impact. In one of these cases the car, bikes & trailer were all impounded. The fines are decided by a judge (court dates)…the fines range from $1200 to over $6000 each. The local police also have ATVs & radios. They are considerably more hungry for riders, it seems. BE Careful!!! It will have seemed easier to trailer you bikes to Maine after getting caught…no problems in Vacationland, just be respectful. *** ya, but the trick is not to stop and let them catch you :P, most of the time the rangers are in huge GMC suburbans, and go very slow, if you get unlucky you might see one in a honda fourtrax recon, or rancher but even on those they are total pussys on the throttle. the local cops are in crown vics and honestly dont even try to pursue dirt bikes anymore. I was once getting chased by 2 rangers and I simply went through the woods to my friends house, parked in his garage, closed the door and went outside and laughed at them. If all else fails the cape has enough backroads you can always find a getaway route