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Praise For Two Teds
Ted Williams's article "Who Hates Trout Rivers?" in the April 2008 issue is an important one. We in the West Virginia community are so grateful to Ted and Fly Rod& Reel for reporting on our predicament on the upper Elk River. I compliment Ted on his ability to take a simple issue that has become complex in the processes of government involvement and sort it all out back to "simple" again so that your readers can understand. I plan to forward extra copies to Governor Manchin, the Secretary of DEP, Secretary of DNR, Senate and House chairs, director of tourism, etc. My hunch is that your magazine's coverage will make a difference.

We would love to have you and your readers here on the Sharp farm. We are less than a mile from the catch-and-release fishing area on the upper Elk. This river is God's gift to man, without a doubt. It is so beautiful. We do have a Web site for our bed-and-breakfast (sharpscountry.com/bednb.html) with pictures of our restored (with private baths) 1912 farmhouse and the rooms. We'll give you the grand tour of our red covered bridge, Civil War-era cellar house, early 1800s log home that Robert E. Lee visited on several occasions and our country store founded in 1884 by my great grandfather, LD Sharp.
Tom Shipley
Slatyfork, WV

James Babb's profile of FR&R's 2008 Angler of the Year Ted Leeson (January/February 2008) was very fine and brought deserved attention to Leeson's many exceptional qualities as a fly-fisher, teacher, writer and person. It is especially gratifying to see a fellow English professor and angling friend so amply rewarded. Ted's generosity and knowledge are unparalleled, but so is his unpretentiousness. In an era when extreme forms of narcissistic behavior and attitude have come to mark the cutting edge of our sport, Leeson's quiet, reflective, informed stance is not only refreshing, it's required. So is Jerusalem Creek, surely one of the half-dozen finest fly-fishing memoirs ever written. Like Ted Leeson himself, it's an American original and, as such, continues to score by bringing awareness to what truly matters for fly-fishers everywhere.
Bob DeMott
Athens, OH

Made in…Where?
It would have been helpful if Ted Leeson's budget- and-backup rod review in the the April 2008 issue of FR&R had contained one very important piece of information about the 13 rods he reviewed: which of the rods are manufactured in the U.S., and which are made overseas. I'm sure a lot of your readers would take that into consideration in deciding which, if any, to purchase.
Greg Belcamino
New York, NY

Ted Leeson replies: In reviewing equipment, I see my task as evaluating gear purely on its performance relative to price and so omit factors that are not directly relevant to that purpose—aesthetics, country of origin, warranties and so on. Manufacturers' Web sites are a good source for that kind of information.

Mono Storage
I notice in your April edition you have an article about what to do with waste mono. I wanted to contact you about a new fly-fishing tool, the monoMaster, which is officially endorsed by the FFF. Please visit www.grasshopperproducts.com to view the video.
Ian White
Grasshopper Outdoor Products
New York, NY

Budget Buys
I just received FR&R as a Christmas present—this was the first time I ever saw your magazine. As a neophyte to fly-fishing, I have found it to be an unexpected gold mine. I also have three sons who are as hooked into fishing as I am. I really appreciated the article on budget-and-backup rods (April 2008), as this gives me some wonderful information on the type of rod to buy as a gift for them. However, I am sorely lacking in the knowledge as to what type of reel I should get to match up with the different rods that were evaluated in the article. Is there any way a follow-up article can be written on budget-and-backup reels?
Paul McIntire
Fredericksburg, VA

That's a fine idea, Paul. We'll consider the angle for an upcoming issue. For the time being, your local fly shop should be a good resource for info on reels, or refer to some of the advertisers you'll find within these pages.-ed.

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