Biot Eastern March Brown

Biot Eastern March Brown

A variation on the Western version

  • By: A. K. Best
The Eastern March Brown differs slightly from the Western version in that the Eastern insect is a little lighter in body and hackle colors and has gray wings, while the Western fly has wings the color of dark wood-duck flank. I fished this hatch for many years when I lived in Michigan and have also had some opportunities to fish it on some famous Pennsylvania streams. The following pattern is a proven trout getter.

Attach thread to the hook one hook-gap space behind the eye, wind to the end of the shank, clip off tag, make a thread bump over the last turn, tie in tailing, and lash it down up to the thread start.

Dub an under-body one size smaller than the hook, beginning at the shoulder.

Attach a biot by its tip with one turn of thread, rotate it to a 90-degree angle away from you and the hook shank, take three firm turns of thread over the tip and wind forward both the biot and the thread at the same time, keeping the thread over the leading edge of the biot. Tie off biot butt with three or four turns of thread and clip off the butt.

Select two hen neck feathers whose tips are the same width as the hook-gap space, clip to length, and tie them onto the hook immediately in front of the shoulder of the body. Save just enough room for three or four turns of hackle behind the wings.

Trim the butts of both ginger and grizzly hackles and tie them onto the hook in your favorite place (in front or behind wings) and wind them to place two turns of both hackles behind the wings and three turns of both hackles in front for size 12 hooks. (For size 14 use one turn behind and two in front.) If you opt to use saddle hackle, you can wind them both at the same time, keeping the grizzly in front.

Hook: Mustad 94840 or equivalent, size 12 and 14
Thread: Danville 6/0 #429 tan
Tail: Dark ginger spade hackle fibers, length to equal entire hook
Under-body: Light tan dubbing. Begin at shoulder and dub a size 14 body on a size 12 hook. This is to provide proper body taper under the biot
Over-body: Wild turkey biot dyed tan with Veniard's wood duck dye
Wings: Pair of light medium dun hen hackle tips, length to equal entire hook plus one hook-eye space for tie down
Hackle: One medium ginger and one light, but well-marked, grizzly hackle