Eat Smart

  • By: Michael Gracie

jWhether it is the short road to the local creek or the long road across borders, one thing almost no fly angler forgets to do is pack and/or stop for food. A quick stop for coffee and donuts, then you hit the water. For lunch, you have a sandwich, maybe two. You include chips, some cookies or a candy bar, and a soft drink too.

Camp Food

  • By: John Gierach
  • Photography by: Judith O’Keefe

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IN ERNEST HEMINGWAY’S 1925 short story “Big Two-Hearted River,” the protagonist, Nick, sets up camp after a long hike with a heavy pack that makes him desperately hungry. So before he goes fishing, he cooks a reckless meal: He mixes a can of pork and beans with a can of spaghetti and eats it slathered with ketchup. He says to himself, “I’ve got a right to eat this kind of stuff, if I’m willing to carry it,” something every backpacker who’s lugged cans of food miles into the woods has thought.