King Salmon

  • By: Bob Lyon

Topics: "creative writing, Fiction" Fish: King Salmon

Along The Atikonak

  • By: James Butler

Topics: "Travel, fishing destinations, Anecdotes" Fish: "Brook trout, Landlock salmon" Location(s): Newfoundland State Sector: Labrador Water(s): Atikonak R

The Cains River

  • By: Spence Conley

Topics: "Fishing Destinations, Travel, Anecdotes, triple crown, Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock" Fish: "Atlantic Salmon, " Location(s): New Brunswick State Sector: C Water(s): Cains R

Fishing The Nile

  • By: Linda Moor Anelli

Topics: Fishing in Egypt Water(s): Salt


  • By: Silvio Calabi

Topics: "Anecdotes, Personalit, Cathy Beck, " Fish: Trout

Slack-Leader Casts

  • By: Joan Salvatto Wulff

Topics: "Casting, Slack leader Casts"

A Permit For Permit

  • By: Jack Samson

Topics: "Anecdotes, Fly Tying" Fish: Permit Water(s): Salt Flypattern(s): "Puff, MOE fly, John Vanderhoofs Crab, McCrab"

Boundary Waters Bass

  • By: Howell Raines

Topics: "Fishing Destinations, Travel, Techn/Tact" Fish: Bass Location(s): Ontario State Sector: SW Water(s): Crooked L

North Shore Fall Salmon

  • By: J. L. Jenkins

Topics: "Travel, Fishing Destinations, Anecdotes" Fish: Salmon Location(s): Nova Scotia State Sector: C Water(s): Stewiacke R

Perverting Our Pleasures For Cash

  • By: Jim Fergus

Topics: The perversion of fishing pleasures into cassh Dealer/Manufacturer(s): "Cabela's, Orvis, Athalon Products"