• By: Greg Thomas
  • Photography by: Greg Thomas
Kenai with Kids

Don’t leave your pals behind.
Alaska is a grand playground,
especially when you share
your fishing with kids.

Kiwi Crash Course

  • By: Thierry Bombeke
  • Photography by: Thierry Bombeke
grinning thierry

Without a guide,
this angler may have been
bested by trout.
by Thierry Bombeke

Saved by Big Snelda

  • By: Greg Thomas
  • Photography by: Greg Thomas
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If you fly-fish then you travel, if not literally, at least in your mind. In fact, dreaming is in a fly fisher’s DNA, our dark secret when seated at the office, trading our fishing time for money, looking deeply into the monitor, seeing nothing but water and waves and some sort of beast on the end of the line.

In Patagonia

  • By: Dave Karczynski
  • Photography by: Dave Karczynski

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There are two ways to get to Patagonia. The first route requires some long-term planning. First, you develop employable skills as a youngster, study something respectable in college, get a decent job and save your money.

Sac Delta

  • By: Seth Norman

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Standing at the top of a long metal ramp I surveyed rows of yachts moored along the marina’s five floating docks, craft ranging from 25 feet to four times that. My future in-laws waved from one, a Bayliner a few slips down. I waved back, smiled, glanced down and for a moment couldn’t believe my polaroids.