WEB BONUS: Be Bear Aware!

  • By: A. J. Somerset
  • and A. J. Hand
  • Photography by: Adriano Manocchia
  • and Al Caucci
  • Illustrations by: Albert Haas Jr.
  • , Al Ristori
  • and A. J. Hand
Bear Pepper Mace

The author of "Call of the Wild Cutthroats" offers some tips on staying safe in bear country...

The CDC Detached Body Mayfly

  • By: Barry Ord Clarke
CDC Detached Body Mayfly

From Europe comes an inventive mayfly pattern with an easy-to-make extended body and a floats-like-a-cork CDC wing.

500 Grains of Baja Adventure

  • By: Scott Sadil
  • Photography by: Gary Bulla

Fast-sinking lines, big flies, ocean-going kayaks and an endless array of species- it must be Baja, Mexico. Travel to the coast of La Paz to learn how it's done, by kayak...

Call of the Wild Cutthroats

  • By: R. C. Hooker
  • Photography by: Clint Walker
  • and Darrel Coverdell

Fishing for cutthroat trout in the backcountry of Montana's Glacier National Park takes a little bit of fortitude-which means check your bear-anoia at the park entrance.

100th Sporting Life: Works of Art

  • By: John Gierach

A celebration of the collaboration of John Gierach and Bob White.

WEB BONUS: Baja Flies

  • By: Scott Sadil
From the top  Tuna Tux  Amigo  JPs Sardina and Crease Fly

Four fly patterns that Baja guide Gary Bulla uses to put clients on ocean fish.

Spring Creek Stealth

  • By: Tom Keer
  • Photography by: Jim Levison

Tactical approaches on a hidden spring creek bring success.

Bass, Hornets & Good Endings

  • By: Robin Carey

Stinging memories trigger deeper remembrances.

The Heartland's Hottest Hatches


Plan your attack for seven months of the best bug action in the Midwest.

New Gear

The Bauer Rogue is a useful and intelligent design from a company already notable for high quality large arbor reels

March 2008: Bauer's Rogue Reel, new tying vises and material