• By: Dave Carty

Topics: "Bluegills, panfish, panfishing, gravel pits, pond fishing, ponds, John Gierach, Colorado, float tubes, snapping turtles, bass, pumpkinseeds, bullhead, " Fish: "bluegills, pumkinseeds, panfish, bullheads, bass " Location(s): Colorado Water(s): "ponds, gravel pits " Flypattern(s): "Hare's Ear,

Electronic Voyeurism

  • By: Don Dunkel

Topics: Fly Fishing for Striped Bass (East Coast Fisherman Productions); Trout: Tying and Fishing Effective Trout Flies (Randy Tomiuk Productions); Sports Afield Flyfishing (Best Films&Video Corp)

Crisis in Florida Bay

  • By: Jack Samson

Topics: "Florida Bay, Everglades, pollution, algae blooms, seagrass, turtle grass, sugar industry, Florida Keys, US Army Corps of Engineers, George Barley, hypersalinity, wetlands, redfish, bonefish, tarpon, permit " Fish: "redfish, bonefish, tarpon, permit "

An Experiment on the Babine

Topics: "steelhead, salmon flies, Norwegian salmon flies, Norway, British Columbia, Atlantic salmon, tube flies, Canada, " Fish: "steelhead, Atlantic salmon " Location(s): "British Columbia, Norway, Canada " State Sector: British Columbia Water(s): Babine River Flypattern(s): Tube flies

Fear of Casting

  • By: Joan Salvatto Wulff

Topics: "New Zealand, guides, pressure, stage fright " Location(s): New Zealand Water(s): Pelorous River