Christmas Island

  • By: Val Atkinson

Topics: "Christmas Island, Bonefish, Lefty Kreh, Sage, Cortland, Patagonia, Carey Marcus" Fish: "bonefish, trevally "

Double Spey-Casting

  • By: Joan Salvatto Wulff

Topics: "double Spey-casting, two-handed rods, Gold-N-West Flyfishers "

New Brunswick Smallmouth

  • By: Paul Marriner

Topics: "smallmouth bass, New Brunswick, " Fish: Smallmouth bass Location(s): New Brunswick State Sector: US - Canada border. Water(s): St. John River Flypattern(s): "woolly bugger, Zonker, Muddler "

New Pleasure in Old Places

  • By: Dave Hughes

Topics: "small streams, minor tactics, tactics, soft-hackles, wet flies, spring creeks, Skip Morris, Woolly Bugger, nymphs" Flypattern(s): "caddis, bucktail caddis, partridge&yellow, Woolly Bugger"

The Habit of Rivers

  • By: Ted Leeson

Topics: "fishing philosophy, Ray Charles, radish, Issa, vision, McGuane, looking, Zen, reading a trout stream "