Pro Tying

  • Photography by: Emily Lilienthal

This innovative and small crawdad is a bass-sticker in Arizona and beyond.


  • By: Chris Santella

j Want to swing flies on Russia’s Kola Peninsula for Atlantic salmon? Or maybe you’re looking to hit the Bahamas, and are willing to forego numbers for a shot at an honest double-digit fish? In 2014, booking such adventures is as easy as a few taps on your tablet.

Eat Smart

  • By: Michael Gracie

jWhether it is the short road to the local creek or the long road across borders, one thing almost no fly angler forgets to do is pack and/or stop for food. A quick stop for coffee and donuts, then you hit the water. For lunch, you have a sandwich, maybe two. You include chips, some cookies or a candy bar, and a soft drink too.

If You See a Chance, Take It


jSOME PEOPLE HAVE ALL THE luck. And if you were Amy Trina on March 30, you definitely had it. That’s because she was fishing Abergris Caye out of San Pedro, Belize when she hooked into a fish that some anglers spend a lifetime trying, often unsuccessfully, to catch.


  • By: Chris Santella