Win a Winston Rod & Bob White Prints


It's been 16 years, and soon-to-be 100 issues, since John Gierach and Bob White teamed up to create the "Sporting Life" column that graces the back pages of FR&R. To celebrate the 100th column (which will appear in July/October '08) we have partnered with Bob and the folks at the Winston Rod Company

Short Casts

Leaf Argotti in New Zealand

The winner of the Bob White reel contest, Fish Porn and more.

Short Casts

FR amp R Fly Fishing Film Tour

We're pleased to announce that Kirk Hall of Evanston, Wyoming, is the winner of the 2007 Fly-Fishing Film Festival

Trout Bum Diaries Volume 2: Kiwi Camo

If you haven't seen The Angling Exploration Group's new DVD, you're missing out. AEG's sophomore effort is a tight, polished film full of the same excitement and intensity that made Volume 1 an instant classic. Capturing four months that the AEG guys and friends spent on the road chasing trout in New

Prehistoric Fish Porn

So 25,000 years ago a guy in southern France went fishing and caught an Atlantic salmon. It was pretty big and he was rather proud of himself. His cave-mate was suitably impressed when he brought it back to her for dinner. Like all fishermen, though, he wanted something to show his buddies just how big

The day My Mother Left

FR&R contributing editor James Prosek has a new book out. "The Day My Mother Left" is a novel for young adults that tells the story of a young boy who turns to nature to cope with his parents' divorce. For more information, visit .

Jack Sampson (1922 - 2007)

Former FR&R Saltwater columnist Jack Sampson died in March, just shy of his 85th birthday. Jack began writing FR&R's Saltwater column in 1989 and for 10 years he shared his tales of chasing permit and marlin around the world. Jack was a pioneering angler who wrote some of the definitive books

Final Countdown

It's the End of The World as We Know It... And We're Going Fishing

2008 Readers' Choice Award

Let your voice be heard! Do you have a favorite piece of gear remarkable for its quality, performance or longevity? Well, let us know. We are currently taking nominations for the 2008 FR&R Readers' Choice Award. The award is open to any item or piece of gear used while fly-fishing--vises, scissors,