Uncommon Books

  • By: Stephen Bodio

Topics: Uncommon Waters: Women write About Fishing (Holly Morris); A Wedding Gift and other Angling Stories (John Foote); Neversink: One Angler's Intense Exploration of a Trout River (Leonard Wright); The Game Angler In Ireland (Ken Whelan); The Cast (Ed Jaworowski)

Shocking Fish Tales

  • By: Stephen Bodio

Topics: The Western Angler (Roderick Haig-Brown); The Atlantic Salmon Fly: The Tyer And their Art (Judith Dunham); Knee Deep In Montana's Trout Streams (John Holt); Ray Troll's Shocking Fish Tales; Argentine Trout Fishing: A Fly Fisherman's Guide to Patagonia (William Leitch)

The Changing of the Guard

  • By: Steven Bodio
  • and Verlyn Klinkenborg

Topics: Verlyn Klinkenborg's last piece and Steven Bodio's first

At Last! Batfishing gets Respect

  • By: Verlyn Klinkenborg

Topics: The Traveling Angler: 20 Five-Star Angling Vacations (Ernest Schwiebert); California Blue Ribbon Trout Streams (Bill Sunderland and Dale Lackey); Practical Fishing Knots II (Mark Sosin and Lefty Kreh); The National Parks Fishing Guide (Robert Gartner); Batfishing in the Rainforest (Randy Wayne

With Luck & Good Timing

  • By: Verlyn Klinkenborg

Topics: The Way of the Trout: An Essay on Anglers (M.R. Montgomery); Soft-Hackled Fly Imitations (Sylvester Nemes); The River Test: Portrait of an English Chalkstream (Charles Bingham)

We're on a Roll Here

  • By: Verlyn Klinkenborg

Topics: Better Trout Habitat: A Guide to Stream Restoration and management (Christopher Hunter); Trout Biology: A Natural History of Trout and Salmon (Bill Willers); Upland Stream: Notes on the Fishing Passion (W.D. Wetherell); On the Spine of time: An Angler's Love of the Smokies ( Harry Middleton);

The Lives Of Tarpon

  • By: Verlyn Klinkenborg

Topics: Tarpon Quest (John Cole); The Book Of the Tarpon (A.W. Dimock); Where the Troput Are All As Long As Your Leg (John Gierach); Trout Stream Insects: An Orvis Streamside Guide (Dick Pobst); Killing Mr. Watson (Peter Mattiessen)

The Fly Fisherman's Soul

  • By: Verlyn Klinkenborg

Topics: Basic Fly Tying ( Ed Koch and Norm Shires); The Dry Fly: New Angles (Gary LaFontaine); A Fly Fisherman's Blue Ridge (Christopher Camuto); Trout&Salmon Of The World (Silvio Calabi)

The Best Haig-Brown of them All

  • By: Verlyn Klinkenborg

Topics: "Measure of the Year: Reflections on Home, Family and a Life Fully Led (Roderick Haig-Brown); The Derrydale Press: A Bibliography (Colonel Henry Siegel); Evenings along The Stream (M. David Detweiler); Deschutes (Dave Hughes); Tactics for Trout (Dave Hughes); Editors In the Stream ; An Angler's

The Voice of Fly-Fishing

  • By: Verlyn Klinkenborg

Topics: "Sex, Death and Fly-fishing (John Gierach); Effective Lake Flies: A Float Tubing Guide to Productive Patterns (Mike Anderson and Allan Ryther); What the River Knows: An Angler in Midstream (Wayne Fields); Fly-Tying Illustrated: Salmon and Sea Trout Patterns (Freddie Rice); The Caddis And the