Anything Seems to Go

  • By: Verlyn Klinkenborg

Topics: Salt Water Fly Patterns (Lefty Kreh); Outdoors (Nelson Bryant); Atlantic Salmon: Fact&Fantasy (Gary Anderson); American Fishing Books (Charles Wetzel); Great Fishing Tackle Catalogs of the Golden Age (Samuel Melner); The New England Berry Book (Bob Krumm); Figuring Out Flies: A Practical Guide

Twenty-six Ways to Lose A Fish

  • By: Verlyn Klinkenborg

Topics: Dry Fly Fishing In Theory and Practice: Centenary Edition (F.M. Halford); Freshwater Fishing (Fred Buller and Hugh Falkus); The Fly Fisher's Reader (Leonard Wright); Trout The Size of Footballs (Richard Anderson)

An Ozark Upbringing

  • By: Verlyn Klinkenborg

Topics: The Earth is Enough (Harry Middletown); Fishing Alaska on $15 a Day (Christopher and Adela Batin); At the Water's Edge: A Fisherman's Progress Around Britian (Benjamin Perkins); I Know A Good Place (Clive Gammon); In the North Of Our Lives: A Year in the Wilderness of Northern Canada (Christopher

Rod & Reel Fiction

  • By: Fly Rod and Reel

Topics: "Personalit, fiction"

"All Past, No Future"

  • By: Verlyn Klinkenborg

Topics: "The Late, Great Lakes (William Ashworth)"

Three for the bedside

  • By: Verlyn Klinkenborg

Topics: The Grasshopper trap (Patrick McManus); Anglish spoken here (Don Zahner); Hunting and Fishing from A to Zern (Ed Zern)

A Christmas creelful of angling titles

Topics: "The Wild Game and Fish Cookbook (Jim Bryant), West Country Fly Fishing ( Anne Voss Bark), The Trout and the Stream ( Charles E. Brooks), Vermont River ( W.D. Wetherell), Thy Rod and Thy Reel ( Odell Shepard), All About Brook Trout ( Bob Elliot)"

Rainy-Day Dreaming

  • By: Tom Rosenbauer

Topics: Freshwater Wilderness: Yellowstone Fishes and Their World ( John Varley and Paul Schullery)

Trout Talk

  • By: Paul Schullery

Topics: What the Trout Said (Datus Proper)

The Buggiest Book

  • By: John Merwin

Topics: AquaticEntomology (W. Patrick McCafferty)