Fly Fishing Book Reviews

  • By: Seth Norman
Trout Lessons

Reviews of Trout Lessons, In Hemingway's Meadow, Love Story of the Trout and Charlie's Fly Box.

Reviewing: Opening Days, The Never-Ending Stream and Flytyers' Flies

  • By: Seth Norman
Opening Days

Opening Days:
A Fly Fisherman Writes
By Richard Chiappone

The Never-Ending Stream
A Tribute to Fly-Tying Form and Function
By Scott Sanchez

Flytyers’ Flies:
The Flies that Catch Fish
By Chris Sanford & Friends

EDITORS' PICK: Friends on the Water

  • By: Seth Norman

Friends on the Water: Fly Fishing in Good Company pays homage to fly-fishing bonds in the images of one of our sport's premier photographers, who's also chosen essays and excerpts from 33 authors reporting on a special connection...


  • By: Seth Norman

Robert Behnke on trout and John Barr on flies

Trout Eyes and Slack Line Strategies


Trout Eyes are what you need to see in a special way, a feat mostly of training the mind to detect lines, shadows, anomalies.