The Magic of the Adams

  • By: A. K. Best
  • Photography by: A. K. Best
The Magic of the Adams

Why an article about the Adams? Because I recently rediscovered the Adams as a lifesaver during what could otherwise have been a very frustrating day.

A few weeks ago, my friends Mike Clark and John Gierach invited me to fish some trout ponds not far from Boulder, Colorado that had been stocked with some rainbow/steelhead hybrids several years ago. We’ve fished these ponds several times over the past few years and knew the trout were large, very strong, extremely fast and would eagerly rise to midges. It was mid-April, so we assumed that midges would be the order of the day. I packed fly boxes loaded with midge adult, emerger and larva patterns in all the colors that had been successful in the past.

Fly Fishing Book Reviews

  • By: Seth Norman
Trout Lessons

Reviews of Trout Lessons, In Hemingway's Meadow, Love Story of the Trout and Charlie's Fly Box.

Reviewing: Opening Days, The Never-Ending Stream and Flytyers' Flies

  • By: Seth Norman
Opening Days

Opening Days:
A Fly Fisherman Writes
By Richard Chiappone

The Never-Ending Stream
A Tribute to Fly-Tying Form and Function
By Scott Sanchez

Flytyers’ Flies:
The Flies that Catch Fish
By Chris Sanford & Friends

EDITORS' PICK: Friends on the Water

  • By: Seth Norman

Friends on the Water: Fly Fishing in Good Company pays homage to fly-fishing bonds in the images of one of our sport's premier photographers, who's also chosen essays and excerpts from 33 authors reporting on a special connection...


  • By: Seth Norman

Robert Behnke on trout and John Barr on flies