Double-Figure Bones

  • By: Chico Fernandez
Chico 14 lbs. bonefish 2003.jpg

"There are more large bonefish in the shallow waters of the Florida Keys and Biscayne Bay in Miami than any other place I know."

Salt Water

  • By: Chico Fernandez
foam flies Hot Lips and Gillmores _9443.jpg

Two must-have fly patterns for your saltwater fishing.

Yucatan Babies

  • By: Chico Fernandez
Chico guide baby tarpon.jpg

More tarpon than you could hope for-but it's true, the fish are there.

The Absence of Color

  • By: Chico Fernandez
Absence of Color

I've been using black flies in salt water for so long I really don't remember the first time I learned about them-probably more than 40 years ago. Today, every couple of trips to the brackish-water world, I find a situation that, whether because of low light levels or murky water, it's best to cast a black fly.

Shallow Popping

  • By: Chico Fernandez
The position of the hook eye can effect how a popper behaves on the water  Chico says  as can the hackles with which the tail is

Tactics and strategies for surface fishing in the coastal shallows.