Leases in ferret habitat voided

  • By: Ted Williams

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Alternative to the NRA

Dear fellow hunter: This week, just like pretty much every week during the late duck hunting season, I've been thinking about and preparing for my weekend hunts. Do my waders have any new holes? (I loaned them to my son-in-law and he said they leaked) Do I have enough cold weather camouflage gear? Are

Land of the fee for photos in national parks?

  • By: Ted Williams

USFS Proposes Public Lands Give-Away

  • By: Ted Williams

The United States Forest Service (USFS) has proposed massive countrywide rulemaking changes to benefit outfitter and guiding access to all USFS lands. Your favorite campsite, hunting blind, fishing hole or boat ramp, and your access to it, are at risk! Our longtime readers