Relax on the Ruby

  • By: Fly Rod and Reel

"As spring progresses we look forward to the Mothers Day caddis hatch, followed by Golden Stones and then the famed Salmon fly hatch. The awesome thing about salmonflies is that you can start fishing them in May and follow them until mid- to late July depending upon the water you are fishing.

Family Matters

  • By: Chad Mason

Our man on the road accepts the family-vacation challenge, works in some fishing and bests a few Colorado trout in the process. Here’s how.

Searching for a Slam in Xcalak

  • By: Will Rice

"I called Scott Heywood at Angling Destinations (the guru of undiscovered fishing spots) who suggested going to Xcalak and a lodge called Costa de Cocos. Xcalak (pronounced in the Mayan as “ish kalak”) lies just inside Mexico’s border with Belize and has always been one of those fabled places on the outer edges of the map. "

Fishing Travel Experts

  • By: Thomas Keer
  • Photography by: Barry Beck
Joe Codd of Frontiers International Travel

Call Frontiers International Travel to plan a trip of a lifetime, and you may find yourself wondering how the voice on the phone got this great job and what they've learned about fishing travel.

Belize Facts

  • By: Jim Klug
Belize Anglers.jpg

If you take the advice from author Jim Klug in the June 2009 feature "Total Belize" and travel to this beautiful coastal nation this year, here are a few facts to remember...